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Every Friday morning, I sit in a small office, in what I think is the loudest part of the hospital, making patient satisfaction calls to discharged patients.  Since starting this duty in July, I have learned some things that could be applied to the job search and job interviews.
1.      Be courteous to the person you’re speaking to.  You never know what type of person you will get on the other end and what kind of day they have had so far.
2.      Be an active listener.  On the phone, you have to give vocal hints that you are still listening.  What do I mean by vocal hints?  For instance, saying things like “I’m still listening,” especially if they ask if you’re still there.  However, you have to give not just vocal hints (such as asking questions) but also body language cues (best example is maintaining eye contact) when meeting face-to-face.
3.      Make yourself clear.  There are questions or answers that you’ll give that may not be so clear to the other person.  So, there will be times where you have to elaborate what you mean.
4.      Be understanding and compassionate.  This ties into lesson two.  When on the phone, I know that not everyone is going to feel exactly 100% when they are discharged from the hospital or had a great experience.  When the latter is indicated, I first apologize and then ask what went wrong.  At the end, I will ask (if they don’t tell me) if they brought up to a supervisor or manager before leaving.  If they didn’t (or even if they did), I will let them know that I will speak to the nurse manager about what happened.
Haven’t run into on interviews yet, so not quite sure how I will apply it to interviews.
5.      Have a thick skin, and do not get discouraged.  Obvious enough, right?  I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate on this one.  I probably should, at least when it comes to the hospital end of things.  When on the phone, not everyone is going to be so pleasant or feeling 100%.  So, I have to be prepared for any negativity that comes from the other end.

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